AmericaOil - The Leading Supplier of Re-refined Motor Oil


Myth #1: Re-refined Motor Oil is not of equal or sufficient quality compared to virgin oil.

Reality: Re-refined Motor Oil is the same quality as virgin oil. Oil does not break down; it simply gets dirty, additives become depleted and chemicals break down. The re-refining process cleans up the used oil and adds additives. AmericOil Re-refined Motor Oils now carry the American Petroleum Institute (API) seal of certification.

Myth #2: Re-refined Motor Oil will void the warranty on new cars.

Reality: New-car and new-engine manufacturers require that an API-certified oil be used to keep a warranty intact. Since AmericOil Re-refined Motor Oils earn API certification, the warranty will not be voided.

Myth #3: Some buyers for large fleets specify brand names rather than oil performance criteria.

Reality: Brand names may simplify purchasing but they do not guarantee high-quality oil. If specification-based purchasing is utilized, buyers may be guaranteed specific oil qualities and Re-refined Motor Oil will not be excluded.

Myth #4: Jurisdictions may have long-term lubrication contracts, and are unable to switch easily.

Reality: Long-term contracts generally have exemptions allowing for pilot projects and minor contract amendments. This flexibility can be used to set up an initial conversion of part of the fleet to AmericOil Re-refined Motor Oil.

Myth #5: Jurisdictions must accept service from the lowest bidder on a contract, potentially excluding Re-refined Motor Oil.

Reality: Managers can solve this by using a procurement ordinance or price preference. There is an alternative strategy - have a major-brand oil distributor purchase AmericOil Re-refined Motor Oil, then package the product under the major-brand name.

Myth #6: Re-refined Motor Oil may be more expensive than virgin oil.

Reality: Since Re-refined Motor Oil is part of an emerging industry, some products may have higher prices than products from the more established virgin oil industry, but for the most part, AmericOil prices are CHEAPER than virgin oil.

Myth #7: There are gaps in the geographic availability of Re-refined Motor Oil.

Reality: AmericOil, through the large network it has established, can provide Re-refined Motor Oil to almost anyone, anywhere in the world!

Myth #8: Fleet lessors do not have control over the type of oil used in their vehicles.

Reality: Fleet lessors do have some control. They can take their business elsewhere if certain requirements are not met. Fleet lessors can contact the lease agents and express their willingness to work with other agents if vehicles do not currently use Re-refined Motor Oil.

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