AmericaOil - The Leading Supplier of Re-refined Motor Oil


Making AmericOil Re-refined Motor Oil is a Two-Step Process

Step 1 - Vacuum Distillation

  • a. Used motor oil arrives at the refinery.
  • b. Inappropriate feedstocks are rejected.
  • c. Chemical pretreatment of the accepted feedstock.
  • d. Dehydration (water as steam is cooled and discharged to municipal sewage treatment).
  • e. Vacuum distillation.
  • f. Re-refined Motor Oil distillates are created.


Step 2 - Hydrofinishing

  • a. Distillates are run through a hydrotreating reactor multiple times.
  • b. Fractionation results in 100-neutral base oil and 300-neutral base oil.
  • c. The base oil is blended with top-quality additives to create AmericOil Re-Refined Motor Oil.
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